Hennops Blue had an amazingly successful art exhibition in September 2018 which raised funds and awareness for the Hennops River. 


 Work that was not sold is still available with a percentage of the proceeds going to the river.


Herewith a profile on the artists and their work.



Please e-mail hennopsblue@gmail.com should you wish to purchase their amazing art and support healing the Hennops River. 

Heike Taschner Jeske

Heike grew up on a rose farm, amidst fields of roses, rose fragrance and colours and studied fine arts including life-drawing, photography, ceramics and textiles with her biggest passion being sculpture and painting. As part of making art functional and bringing art and creativity into spaces, Heike graduated cum laude in B-Tech Interior Architecture.



Heike has lived and breathed the rose and has from a very young age cultivated new roses and creatively represented the rose in drawings,  paintings and massive sculptures. Her dedication and focus on the rose has also led to much research and development in the art of cooking with roses during her restaurateur career. As a director of Ludwig’s Roses and growing up amidst the roses and with the rose guru, Ludwig Taschner, she learnt that roses are an exceptional expression of beauty from the earth. She has a deep passion for sharing her knowledge in the form of talks and presentations as well as in her artistic creations.


Going back to being a true full-time artist, she is currently using her creativity and art expertise to fulfil a 2.5m Angel Gabriel sculpture commission in willow branches. She has supported The Hennops Blue Horizon NPO in various ways and was delighted to find herself picking the willow branches from a massive, strong weeping willow tree right next to the Hennops River. This has heightened her awareness of the need for healing of the river and she is elated to be able to share and exhibit her expressions of water for this art exhibition.

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Lee Templeton

Lee Templeton, born a Commonwealth British Subject, in Bulawayo, (Southern Rhodesia), Zimbabwe. She attend school at the age of seven beneath a Sagole baobab tree, at Chiredzi, a little pioneering village.  During her late teens, she relocated to South Africa with her parents and has since adopted South African citizenship.  Lee has two children from her first marriage, Nikki and Aldo. Now married to John Templeton, with two more children from his previous marriage, Romy-Anne and Nicola. All Lee’s artworks are marked with reference numbers, from Ref.0001. This reference number also indicates how many artworks she has completed to date. Her medium of choice is acrylic, applied to canvas using brush work and palette knife techniques.  Lee describes her art technique as contemporary impressionism. Today, after owning various businesses, Lee is finally able to dedicate her time to art.  “There, but for the grace of God, go I.” John Bradford

Alastair Crewe

Alastair Crewe is a digital artist, illustrator and animator. He also enjoys traditional art. Apart from visual arts, Alastair is passionate about music, which he plays, produces and teaches. He has a great love for yoga and functional fitness to enhance his martial arts practise. Apart from dedicating much time and interest to all these art forms, Alastair has recently graduated with an MA degree in social anthropology. As an individual who loves nature deeply, he could not resist the opportunity to be involved to help the plight of our waterways. Pollution of rivers, and by extension oceans and all bodies of water by human hands, is one of the gravest challenges affecting the human race. We need to individually and collectively strive to fix this problem.

Marieke Bos

Marieke Bos's music and art is a reflection of her personal journey. They are the sounds and pictures that help me to connect to expanded consciousness and the fullness of creation. From a young age I have been interested in art, photography and videography and was always aware of how music had the profound power to move me. It was only when I began to awaken to my spiritual potential that I reconnected with my dream of producing music and pictures to share what is meaningful to me. I am also passionate about water! All water! The water in our bodies, the water we consume on a daily basis, as well as the water in our rivers, lakes, dams and seas. I see water from a physical perspective as well as a consciousness perspective. For this event, I pledge one third of all income from my art, music, meditative videos and water structuring devices to Hennops Blue. Science is showing us that it is through the water in our bodies that we can connect to the web of life and the all that is. Water is literally the key to life and consciousness and the quality of water matters!

Ciska van Huyssteen

Ciska is a 23-year old abstract artist currently residing in Pretoria, South Africa. She always had a passion and love for art, but it was only in 2017 that she decided to pursue it.  Her love for abstract art started when she was a little girl, always seeing things differently than others, and experiencing feelings that she couldn't express in words. This led to one of her favourite quotes: "If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint" -  Edward Hopper


Ciska uses predominantly acrylics in her work but doesn't limit herself to only one medium. An important aspect of Ciska's process is that she incorporates all the elements of nature namely; water, wind, fire and earth (gravity) in her technique. For her, to incorporate nature in such a way gives meaning and depth to her work. Ciska aims to create art that will inspire peaceful and happy feelings in the homes of her collectors.

Ashleigh Comins

Ashleigh Comins have always loved drawing and decorating surfaces. The margins of my school books were constantly filled with doodles, as were pencil bags, suitcases and a few inconspicuous walls! I studied Fine Art and graduated with a degree in 2002. A creative streak runs in my family, and luckily I inherited my mom’s ability to make deliberate marks on paper. There’s a healthy dose of OCD and perfectionism in my family too, and I seem to have gotten a big share of it. My work is usually quite detailed or repetitive in the process of making it. I like to do work that invites the viewer to see something different every time they look at it. I participate in group exhibitions as much as I can. The themes in my work explore identity, memory and the act of remembering through repetitive pattern. I enjoy using paper as a medium that can be transformed into something else, entirely by the marks made on it. http://www.facebook.com/actuallyashleigh


Julia Davies

Julia studied at Pretoria Technicon and Pietermaritzburg University where she first discovered etching, having previously tried making prints on an old washing mangle found in the rafters of an old barn where this exhibition is being held.


Book illustrations have always been a great interest and she has also been involved with drawings for publications such a newsletters.


Kevin Hinde

Kevin Hinde spent his childhood playing in and exploring the veldt, building forts and treehouses and connected to the challenges, wonders and lessons of nature. He now owns an architectural practice in Bedfordview A3 Architects managing a passionate team of professionals that specialise in conceptualising and delivering turnkey hospital solutions. Kevin discovered painting with acrylics on canvas four years ago and has been evolving a unique style inspired by Voka,  the European expressionist artist. “I love to work on a large scale adding and removing and covering the layers until the story has evolved. This exhibit is a brilliant project for a good cause. The theme that I have chosen was inspired by the river with the spiritual magic of the Koi fish.”


Katherine Fillmore

Katherine Fillmore is a director of Hennops Blue Horizon and passionate about healing.  Katherine is a yogi and reiki healer and has an infinite love for water, rivers and the ocean. She worked professionally as a photographer and for the Healing the Hennops Exhibit has mirrored her photographs of the ocean into oil works. Music inspires her brush strokes. Katherine lives close to the Hennops River and has made a promise to do all she can to help heal the Hennops.


Karen Comins

Karen Comins is a self-taught artist.  From an early age, she has had a fascination with the natural world and a love of drawing.  She enjoys capturing the delicacy of botanical subjects, wildlife, birds and the fine anatomy of insects.  Her technique involves adding water to initial bases applied and building up with several more 'dry' layers to enhance colours, forms and shadows.  The number of pencil strokes is immense!

She is a member of the Botanical Artists Association of South Africa, and regularly exhibits through them, as well as doing private commissions.

The work for this exhibition serves to highlight the importance of water not only for humans but for the survival and biodiversity of our flora and fauna.


Hermoine Hurwitz

Artist Hermoine Hurwitz whose powerful fish illustrations reflect our hopes and aspirations that we can restore life back into Hennops River. Daughter of well known South African architect Oscar Hurwitz, Hermoine’s talent saw her practising art with the Matrics at Pretoria Girls High when she was only 11 years old. In her early 20's she apprenticed for Walter Battiss. (Walter Whall Battiss was a South African artist, who was generally considered to be the foremost South African abstract painter and known as the creator of the quirky "Fook Island" concept.)


Hermoine then went on to teach creative arts. She worked as an interior decorator until, as a single mom, she started working in the corporate world. Sadly she left art aside for many years only to pick it up again many years later. The Hennops River is now being blessed by this amazing talent. 


Penny Baillie

Penny Baillie (born Penelope Ann Gould 1942) B.A.(Wits) (Fine Art and English), TTHD (JCE) For 45 years Penny has taught art, either full or part-time her mentors, and the greatest influencing factors in her work are Cecily Sash, Erik Laubchser, and Professor Alfred Krentz. Other influences come from Chagall, Matisse and the art of children. She has exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions in Nababeep, Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg, Sedgefield, and at the Grahamstown and Knysna Festivals. She currently lives in Petervale, Johannesburg.  


“The life of a painter is a never-ending journey of discovery. Just when you think you’re getting something right, new ideas flash into your mind, and you start all over again!” So, says Penny, who works essentially in “a state of grace”. Penny still runs a studio from her home.


Maggie Goetsch

Maggie Goetsch has always been passionate about art, she works mostly in acrylic. Maggie's abstract art captures her memories and emotions on canvas.


WATER has always been a big part of her life, from childhood swimming in the streams and rivers to adulthood walking and exploring the shores of our beautiful streams, rivers and oceans. Water has such a powerful calming effect on her soul, no life can exist without it.


Maggie feels very strongly about saving our water sources for ourselves and future generations. She is very proud to be part of the Hennops Blue Horizon - Light on Water awareness exhibition.


Healing our water resources is something everyone should be a part of.


Water is life.


Masego Shiloh Rakumakwe

Masego is an architect student currently completing her final year at the Tshwane University of Technology.


"I am passionate about art; abstract art in particular. I appreciate the fact that it's open to self-interpretation and is a form of communication to where words can't be found."


Masego expresses her art form through working with acrylic paint and palette knife tools. She gets her inspiration from infrastructure as well as nature, she enjoys experimenting with different colour palettes and working on large scales, with dramatic negative spaces.


Willem Snyman

Willem Snyman studied BA fine arts at Wits. He has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions at various locations, some directly in nature. His work depicts the interaction between man and nature, seeking harmony between our opposing worlds. His art includes landscapes, animal and human portraiture and sculptures using twigs and natural materials often moulded by the Hennops River. He is a passionate writer and worked as a cultural journalist at The Star Newspaper and Gateway magazine. Willem has fostered a long interest in rehabilitating the river and is founder and director of Fresh.ngo


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