Hennops Healing Yoga

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

April 7 saw residents from Southdowns gather next to the Hennops River at the von Broembsen home, with yoga mats and hopeful hearts.

Yoga means union of individual consciousness with supreme consciousness, so a fitting practice to get the Healing the Hennops River awareness campaign started.

Hennops Healing Yoga

We beaded river bracelets that sold for R100 and together with a donation of beautifully hand drawn Hamsa hand prints by local artist Ashleigh Comins instagram.com/actuallyashleigh for sale and donations of soft ‘Water Wise’ rose bushes from Ludwig Roses ludwigsroses.co.za, vouchers from Clay Cafe claycaferedbarn.co.za, a soy candle from Pure Soy @pure_soy_sa_Instagram and organic products from Smart Green People smartgreenpeople.co.za, up for grabs in a lucky draw, the yoga session was abundant and uplifting.

Funds raised went to Hennops Blue Horizon. Bird song resonated from the trees - a strong voice from nature pushing us forward to make a change and help the river.

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