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Hennops Blue Horizon, an NPO, was formed to spread awareness to heal the Hennops River. Our rivers in South Africa are in a dire state due to pollution. We are quickly learning that water is one of the most valuable resources in this country.  Without water we are lost and all the sectors of our economy will suffer from agriculture to tourism. Water is life!


For decades we have been ignoring the destruction and have been driven by a world of consumerism. As a result, South Africa's towns and beautiful natural environment are being scarred with plastic and waste. This ultimately ends up in our rivers and oceans, destroying  an incredible and powerful resource.


With rapid urbanisation in South Africa,  rivers in our towns and cities have been placed  under more and more pressure. Our rivers should be the jewels of our environment that bring water and life. Sadly, they have become the recipient of our waste and pollution. Once thriving ecosystems, such as the Hennops River, have become waste traps and no longer the source of water and nurturing that a river is meant to be.


Our perception of the river needs to be changed – the river is not a sewer or a gutter.


Our local municipalities are responsible for providing the services to stop pollution from entering our rivers, but it is also the responsibility of each and every South African to do what they can do to help restore our rivers.


Together we can be the change and unite to heal the Hennops River!


The Environmental problems with the Hennops River are massive and complex. 


Directory of contact numbers to report sewage leaks and illegal dumping


How can we help heal our water 

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