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A morning well spent

by Lynn Hinde

A morning well spent cleaning the river

On 20 July 2019 as a representative of Hennops Blue Horizon I worked with a true River Warrior named Robert to clean a portion of the river bank in Irene where the Sesmylspruit and Olfantsfontein join to form the Hennops River. Robert, who works at Doppio Zero Irene, tirelessly pulled plastic caught in the branches and under logs while myself and others packed the rubbish into dustbin bags. What looked like a momentous task became easier as we worked together. Robert had some good advice: ‘don’t think too much about it!’ He was right when it comes to a river clean; don’t think, just do! Volunteer Alton was joined by his young son, a whizz with a saw, cutting away branches to free up space so we could work. They too worked like champions until the area was cleared. 

The Doppio Zero Irene and Bluehills were a festive bunch giving away hot coffee and delicious pastries, even to passing cars, as well as filling bags with rubbish. Thank you guys! Ward councilor Gert Visser and Willem Snyman also filled bags in between networking and making sure their organizational skills were put to good use.

I have been know to say ‘I’m never attending another River Clean Up!’ but I find myself going back again and again for my own selfish reasons.  It is fulfilling and satisfying and you meet the most amazing humans ever! Also, and most importantly, the beautiful river breathes a sigh of relief as we attempt to help. 

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