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A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It

June 5 saw our team together with Willem Snyman from take Independent Newspapers to the Irene Dairy Farm and Ivory Park Township, to show them the condition of the river.

Cows on the pasture came to greet us, as if knowing this project needs a blessing and, in the energy of Ubuntu, the township residents did the same. ‘Nice to see you here,’ said one man as he passed by. We were welcomed and encouraged. The pollution was not so encouraging but a clear vision and focused determination will take us a long way.

Sewage leaks into the river have been reported but with not much feedback to date. Willem plans to walk up the stream to identify the exact source of the sewage leaks.

Not far upstream from the river is a fresh spring that provides pure water that can uplift the lives of the people living along the river. Tragically, as soon as the water comes from the spring, it is polluted down the river.

This water connects us all and it is time for change, for us to unite and heal the river.

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