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Another busy day on the river

16 August 2019

Another busy day on the river

This morning saw our team comprising of Anton Bailey BluSwirl Recycling, myself Katherine Fillmore Hennops Blue Horizon, Karla Jooste Lewende Woord Church, Willem Snyman and Kyle Odgers meet up with Sujata Pillay the Managing Director of Back to Basics - a company committed to improving the quality of teaching and learning for all by offering professional development of educators. 

Another busy day on the river

Sujata was a breath of fresh air offering extensive knowledge on the education system and how we can implement river awareness and pollution education into the school curriculum. 

Kyle has been invited to do a talk at the Department of Education (GDE) 3RD Annual Teachers Conference on August 24th. Sujata has a kindly offered to join the talk to assist in inspiring teachers to bring in river awareness education into their curriculum. This is beyond good news! Well done Kyle and Karla for connecting us all! This river project is growing from strength to strength with incredible partnerships and synergy being formed. Quite phenomenal really if you think I met Karla at her hair salon and Sujata was one of her clients who happened to be seated next to me one day! There is a magical flow of Divine Order here that is two consistent to ignore! Sujata means ‘Of Noble Descent’... Need I say more?

Lynn and I then met Alitha Malele in Freedom Street Tembisa. Alitha has now taken the AREHLWEKISENG clean up campaign we started on the Sedibeng Stream (a tributary if the Hennops) to the next level empowering citizens to conduct weekly cleans and even removing alien invasive plants along the river. There is such a remarkable and uplifting change of energy along this street with the local park - through which the Sedibeng Stream runs - under going a massive refurbishment.

Grass was being planted everywhere and the irrigation guys installing new pipes smiled and greeted Lynn and I with great passion and enthusiasm! Pink blossoms peeped at us from the trees promising renewal and beauty! Wow, wow, wow is all I can say! Alitha commented: ‘I am so happy! It feels so good here now that we have started cleaning!’ Amandla. Power to the people.

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