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AREHLWEKISENG song and dance

by Katherine Fillmore

With song and dance the clean up campaign AREHLWEKISENG in Freedom Street Tembisa was celebrated today with the unveiling of a sign sponsored by Hennops Blue Horizon saying No Dumping.

Community members created an AREHLWEKISENG song and took the sign on a celebratory jive around the neighbourhood to spread the message: ‘Let’s Clean our environment’.

The campaign also expanded to a new area of Tembisa with two clean ups taking place hand in hand. The awareness is spreading and members are empowering themselves to take the initiative to work together to heal the environment.

Thank you to OUTsurance for providing food and water. Each time the song was sung the words ‘come women, men and children let us unite and clean’ brought tears of joy!

AREHLWEKISENG song and dance

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