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Catchment Management Plan for the Jukskei

15 August 2019

Members of our team comprising of myself Katherine Fillmore, Anton Bailey BluSwirl Recycling, Kyle Odgers KleenUp, Mark McClue ARMOUR, Willem Snyman and Mia Marsay Over the Garden Wall, united in the heart of Jozi to join hands with City of Johannesburg, ICLEI and various stakeholders to brainstorm a catchment management plan for the Jukskei River. 

Catchment Management Plan for the Jukskei

The successful implementation of this management plan can serve as a foundation for river catchments throughout South Africa. 

Catchment Management Plan for the Jukskei

The company ICLEI have been contracted by the City of Johannesburg to develop a catchment management plan for a portion of the Jukskei catchment (which includes a section of the Hennops - Randjiesfontein).

As part of this process, we met with various stakeholders to gain familiarity with the project and for ICLEI to check with stakeholders whether their desk-top understanding of the catchment state accords with reality.

Catchment Management Plan for the Jukskei

We were divided into two teams whereby we had to identify issues, indicate current initiatives and identify 3 top solutions. A dynamic debate followed shedding light on the catchment and the most effective solutions for ICLEI and City of Johannesburg to activate. 

Catchment Management Plan for the Jukskei

Fantastic ideas were laid out on the table. The central message was that synergy is required to optimize the work everyone is doing. Education came up as key to heal our rivers. Great interest was expressed for Anton Bailey’s work towards purchasing a recycling machine to turn waste into diesel! 

Attached is a Terms of Reference for the hydrology component of the project, but which provides a good background to the project.

It was a proactive and interactive workshop. Dr Ernita van Wyk, Senior Professional Officer ICLEI Social Ecological Systems commented: ‘Thanks for coming out and sharing your insights, knowledge and enthusiasm. We feel much inspired!’

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