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Celebrating World Environment Day

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

by Katherine Fillmore

To celebrate World Environment Day Hennops Blue joined the start of Willem Snyman’s clean up campaign in Kaalfontein that will culminate in Willem and brave team hiking the whole of the 100 km Hennops River course next week!

With a boot filled with sugary sweet donuts to give to volunteers Lynn and I drove to Tembisa. We met ward councillor Otto who shared the challenges faced in the area. It was concluded that educating the children at schools is the best way forward. As fortune would have it i4water Kirsten Mahood and her colleague Cathy Castagno were present from Natal to join us. River warrior Kyle Odgers from KleenHealth also joined the team.

We crossed the Kaalspruit (which runs into the Hennops) and all I can say is a TRAGIC dumping ground, even filled with cow’s heads. Otto addressed members of his ward about the the importance of healing their environment. Thank you to Karla Jooste, I was able to give a presentation on the damages of pollution taking our Ubuntu Flow education campaign to the next level. For the rest I will let the pictures and videos complete the story. Take note of Willem’s boot filled with big fresh cabbages, nuts and chillies that were distributed to bless the people. For the love of Mother Earth. Always after river work a majestic bird comes to visit me in my garden. This time a grey hornbill. Strength to Willem, Otto and team as they take this Kaalfontein campaign forward over the next few days!

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