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Cleaning the Hennops at Southdowns Estate 18 May 2019

by Katherine Fillmore

Cleaning the Hennops at Southdowns Estate 18 May 2019

The best thing about a river clean is having a shower afterwards. Not to mention the comradery and connection between people uniting in a task to heal Mother Nature.

Volunteers gathered at the Hennops River on the Irene Dairy Farm near the section of Southdowns Estate to clean the area of rubbish. A hundred and forty three bags of rubbish and 26 car tyres were collected.

Thank you so much for this great act of hope and restoration. Special mention should go to The Garden Group who helped us transport these bags to the dump site. Layers and layers of rubbish overs years and years were packed on top of each other. One could almost hear nature sigh in relief as choking plastic was lifted. Butterflies danced by in celebration. This is such a beautiful river and would add a wealth of value to life in this area where families could meet for picnics and children play. We can only hope and dream and keep on at cleaning the Hennops River one step at a time united in faith and determination.

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