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Cleaning the Sedibeng Stream in Tembisa

29 March 2019

Cleaning the Sedibeng Stream in Tembisa - 29 March 2019

Today the word on our lips was ‘disgusting’. Really disgusting and we had to get into the work without disgust picking up soiled condoms, nappies oozing with poo and all the rubbish that we accumulate as humanity.

It lay thick in the Sedibeng Stream, going into the Kaalspruit, a tributary of the Hennops. Music helped us not loose focus as we scooped and scooped the rubbish out clearing bags and bags of waste out of the river. A wheelbarrow and a spade proved amazingly handy and looking at the before and after photos, what can be done in a few hours by a group of people dedicated to healing the environment is quite miraculous.

Hennops Blue Horizon, Destination Green Recycling, the Community Workers Programme, the local ward committee focusing on environment, the Department of Environmental Affair’s Good Green Campaign and members of the community came together united in green to make our planet greener! Outsurance provided us with water, bananas and sandwiches that were seriously welcomed after intense work.

Even the local children on school holiday helped clear the waste on the ground with big smiles and enthusiasm. In perfect timing, as we carried bags of rubbish out the stream, a municipal waste removal truck came by and collected the waste! Good Green Deed’s Billy the Bin mascot joined us with Hennops Blue’s Dave Cochrane bringing him to life as he hopped inside and revealed to us that even ‘disgusting’ work can be fun! 

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