Hennops River Forum Meeting - 27 October 2020

ERWAT gave a progress update on the repairs to damaged module 3. The 6 recommissioned bio-settling tanks will be operational in December 2020 (completion of Phases 1a and 1b). This will make a difference to the effluent from module 3 which is non-compliant. The next stage is a refurbishment of module 3 (Phase 1c) which is expected to start February 2021 and end February 2023. The following stage is the building of a new PST for module 3 (Phase 2) which is expect to start June 2021 and finish June 2023. A copy of the ERWAT presentation is attached.

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Ekurhuleni gave feedback on water quality tests – there is no improvement. Ecoli counts remain in the millions. The problems in Tembisa and Ivory Park remain – overflowing sewers and illegal dumping. Education, waste management and by-law enforcement are critical. A copy of the Ekurhuleni presentation is attached.

Ekurhuleni Kaalspruit Presentation
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Tshwane gave a presentation on the pollution in the Hennops River, A copy is attached,. The issue has been escalated to the National Department of Water and Sanitation because it is a cross border problem. If the problems affecting the upstream of Kaalspruit can be resolved then the City of Tshwane may consider starting with the rehabilitation process on the affected areas. Joint collaborations between the City, our cross border Metros, stakeholders and Department of Water and Sanitation are required to improve water quality of the Hennops river.

Tshwane Hennops Water Quality Monitoring
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Dikeledi Molekoa gave a presentation on the effect of landcover on hydrology of Kaal River using GIS and remote sensing. A copy of the presentation is attached.

Dikeledi B Molekoa Presentation
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