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Hennops River Restoration and Clean Up Campaign - Day 2

Report on the second day, 20 Oct 2018, by Willem Snyman

Hennops River Restoration and Clean Up Campaign - Community standing together

‘An  improvement in the water quality was already visible after the effective micro bacteria (EM) applications. Yesterday it was completely opaque grey, now with almost 5cm visibility, the top layer is clearing up. For the cleanup the whistle was blown this morning by community leaders to assemble the people. After a fairly long explanation, all set to work with enthusiasm. The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) provided gloves, masks and bags. Plastic and other waste on the banks and in the stream was collected. It felt good to be part of this initial turn around, confronting the chaos and beginning to clean this stream and reclaim the natural environment. Afterwards EM was used to disinfect hands and feet and given to all to drink to prevent disease. Numerous rubbish bags were filled and much remains, but a start was made against apathy and destruction and the word will spread. Already the houses in front have committed to use bags and stop throwing rubbish in the stream. After a long discussion with the building trucks and leader,  an agreement was hopefully reached to stop dumping rubble on the banks. It seems the community wanted a park and RDP housing, but are now putting shacks up out of frustration. Pipelines and infrastructure are buried and rehabilitation will be costly. The formation of a communal park would be a very positive way forward. We are slowly winning some battles to shift the tide of pollution. Tomorrow is Wetland Spirit Day on the banks of the river to unite people on the value of clean water and nature. This will start at 9 am, group yoga at ten, followed by Apostolic and ZCC ceremonies and a small shared lunch by Living Word. There will also be talks and discussions on the wetland and river.’

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