Letting Ubuntu river education flow into the schools

by Katherine Fillmore

Today saw Hennops Blue’s river education campaign Ubuntu Flow in an uplifting collaboration with http://www.eduplus-sa.co.za/ and Good Green Deeds - Department of Environmental Affairs at Midstream Ridge Primary School.

Whenever working on raising awareness to heal the Hennops River the words ‘educate our children’ keep coming up. Children are the future of our planet and have such an easy ability to learn and bring in change. Through educating them we reach the parents. To see children’s faces when they see the harmful effects of plastic and sewage pollution on our environment, rivers and oceans one gets a sense in your heart that they are going to help bring in positive change. 

We have a long path to travel but we are in the boat rowing along this river of change. Our environment is our mother and it is up to each and every one of us to change our ways and heal this planet. 

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Hennops River

South Africa

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