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Ongoing struggle against waste and dumping

by Katherine Fillmore 

Today for the fifth time Hennops Blue Horizon united with Destination Green Recycling and Ward Committee Leader for Environment Sarah Mashigo in Freedom Street Tembisa with support from the Community Workers Programme and local community members. Passionate community member Malelea Luthabo expressed her daily struggle against people in the area just dumping their waste on the street and in the stream and surrounding environment.

It was concluded that a sign would be placed in the area to make people aware of the harmful effects of dumping waste. Education is key. People need to be made aware of the damage waste is doing to the environment, their health and the overall well-being of their community.

As a team, united towards a common goal, we put our gum boots on (kindly sponsored by OUTsurance) and got our hands dirty. There is something about a waste clean up that brings about a powerful invigorating and uplifting energy. People coming together as one to protect Mother Earth. Despite the obstacles presented by ongoing pollution, we have to remain consistent and keep going until a tide of awareness arises from the individual on the street, through to metro, governmental departments and corporations so that our water and environment are healed. 

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