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by Katherine Fillmore


It was a chilly morning but hearts were warm on Saturday Sept 7th as Willem Snyman from Fresh joined forces with Karla Jooste, Rita Groenewald from Roots and Shoots, Anton Bailey from BluSwirl Recycling, Hennops Blue Horizon, Over the Garden Wall, Eco-Club and Living Water at the Bronberrik Park to raise awareness to heal the Hennops River.


Uniting with the parks weekly 5km run athletes were encouraged to participate in plogging - the action of cleaning up while jogging. One athlete took on the risk of his worst run time ever by stopping to help Lynn and I clean loads of rubbish dumped around park dustbins. Well done champ! Actually your best time ever!

Initiatives like this are powerful growing awareness, connecting people and forging relationships to heal our rivers and earth. Twenty five bags of rubbish were collected from the park.

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