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Restoring the Hennops River

19 January by Helen Duigan ARMOUR (Action for Reaponsible Management of Our Rivers)

Restoring the Hennops River

A crowd of people - young and old - turned up to help clean the Hennops near SuperSport Park in Centurion.

The turnout was unprecedented - there were more than a hundred volunteers, removing plastics that filled up over 200 rubbish bags. The area around the old bridge was cleaned of the debris that had piled up and were stuck in the trees along the banks, improving the river flow. “This is  probably the cleanest this area has been in years,” said Willem Snyman of FRESH. 

“The drive and level of self-motivation among the volunteers was amazing to see. Twenty three trees were planted as well - a massive effort because 10 of the trees were very large and needed big holes. Medicinal bulbs were planted around the trees and the effect will be stunning when everything starts growing.” 

“Fifty litres of Effective Micro-organisms were also poured into the river in stagnant areas to dissolve the sludge – it started bubbling in a healthy way. We are reclaiming the neglected and forgotten Riverview to re-establish it again as the green heart of Centurion -  a central place to make a stand for the restoration of the Hennops.

“Congratulations to everyone on a job well done - we are bringing the harmony of nature back in our lives!”

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