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Restoring the Hennops River 7 June - Revive Kaalfontein!

Willem Snyman of reports on Day 3: 

Restoring the Hennops River 7 June - Revive Kaalfontein!

“Today's small clean-up had quite an international feel!  We were joined by an Asian NGO, Green & Book ambassadors, with Bui Thi Thuy just arrived from Vietnam, along with water scientist Himkaar Singh.

Restoring the Hennops River 7 June - Revive Kaalfontein!

“These problems are really global issues that we have to tackle at a local level. Carlifornia Dube from the Midrand Reporter also came to cover the event.

“The large sewerage leak reported yesterday was already fixed this morning - Joburg Water has to be commended for their great work in Kaalfontein. Last year sewerage was flowing down the streets all over; now the situation has been stabilised with most leaks stopped.

“This leak was running in front of Precious, a resident’s home, for a month. She was very relieved for the sake of her toddler's health. She said that she has stopped the dumping trucks passing by there and was busy putting up a fence to block them off.”

See the Before and After pics below  - how positive actions lead to bigger changes on other levels.

“Tomorrow is World Ocean day and our main clean-up will be at this Hennops River source, connected all the way through the water way to the sea. On Sunday we'll be starting our Source to Confluence walk to emphasise this interconnectedness of our water systems. What we do up here ripples all the way down to the sea that unites us - all life is water-based and pollution destroys the very fabric of our beings. 

“Gumboots will be handy tomorrow as the ground is quite soggy. Please come help and bring your positive energy - to ripple out to the world and become an unstoppable tide to save our Planet.”

Thanks! Willem,

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