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RESTORING THE HENNOPS – the 100km Big Walk/Paddle continues! Day 5

Report by Helen Duigan Armour 

A group of River Warriors is hiking from one the Hennops’ sources in Kaalfontein to Hartbeespoort Dam. Each day they will report on the section of the river they walked or paddled.

Thursday 13 June (Day 5)

“A bit of a setback,” reports Karla Jooste, who has been involved in this venture from the beginning.  “Not only was Willem’s computer stolen from his car a week ago, but last night his cell-phone went missing. That is his main communication tool from where he posts his reports of every clean-up and of this 100km Walk/Paddle! So this is my contribution.

“But – taking mishaps in our stride, we managed to row about 20km from the Shri Ayyappa Kshetra Hindu temple in Erasmia, to the Janovsky farm further down river. The Janovskys were amazing – they took us in and provided us with hot coffee -  an absolute life-saver after we had braved the freezing cold in the dark.

“The good news was that an otter has returned to this area.  They could also see a slight difference in the water quality, which means their water pumps don't get so clogged. 

“So, folks - this is as far as we go this week: five days next to the river or on the water.  This journey has been incredible and so enlightening!  We will continue at a later stage and complete the 100km journey from Kaalfontein to Hartbeespoort Dam – walking or paddling.  

“Thanks again to everyone for the care and support.”

RESTORING THE HENNOPS – the 100km Big WalkPaddle continues! Day 5

Comment from Dr Anthony Turton who followed this chapter of Healing the Hennops:  “Each river has a story. You are the voice.”

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