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The Hennops River Forum - 30 July 2019

In brief summary:

Despite a company strike ERWAT presented their plan of action to repair the Olifantsfontein Waste Water Treatment plant.

ERWAT’s slide presentation attached in photos. 

City of Ekurhuleni presented water quality test results for the Kaalspruit and Swartspruit between May and June. 

Justice Maluleke - Director Water Regulation for Department of Water and Sanitation - proposed ERWAT come up with a short-term emergency rehabilitation plan as the one to repair the plant will take number of years.

Kyle Odgers from KleenHealth proposed bio augmentation solutions to take pressure off Waste Water Treatment Plants. Justice Maluleke requested he send a proposal to him with scientific data supporting effectivity. 

It was agreed that education is the best way forward in combatting the pollution of our rivers. 

Willem Snyman, Karla Jooste Lewende Woord Church, Kyle Odgers KleenHealth and Katherine Fillmore are working on eduction but to make the campaign effective, reaching schools and communities far and wide, funding is required to employ a task team. Here is where corporate sponsorship and support can assist. 

The Hennops River Forum - 30 July 2019
Kyle Odgers KleenHealth, Willem Snyman and Helen and Anthony Duigan from ARMOUR - Action for responsible management of our rivers.

Municipal projects need to be undertaken whereby City Managers activate City Mayors to educate Ward Councillors to educate their communities - empowering people to take ownership and responsibility of their environment and water. Community members need to be educated on the harmful effects of sewer mining and destruction, as well as waste pollution and how this affects them directly and places severe stress on water and environment which is the wealth of this country. 

Willem Snyman was granted the opportunity to present his findings on the pollution of the Hennops River during the educational and awareness paddle and hike he and team members did along the river.

The Hennops River Forum - 30 July 2019
Willem Snyman

Thank you to all who attended and to Amanda Jacobs for chairing the Hennops River Forum and guiding the proceedings.

The Hennops River Forum - 30 July 2019

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