The power of river cleans -

Uniting hands and hearts in a moving prayer of consistency to bring environmental healing!

by Katherine Fillmore

Today shed light on a strong team out there with Willem Snyman from working hard in Kaalfontein and Dave Cochrane and Lynn Hinde from at my door at sparrows to take us, boots, gloves and all to Freedom Street in Tembisa. Destination Green Recycling Zweli Mnguni’s hug is always a welcoming tonic to invigorate us for the task at hand! Alitha Malela opened the clean with a powerful prayer reminding us that this is truly God’s work! The clean up campaign we are working on in Tembisa is called AREHLWEKISENG - Let’s Clean - and Alitha is spearheading that the clean continues each Tuesday and Thursday with great success!

Alitha is holding the ongoing attendance register, highlighted in pink, the colour of love! To love our environment clean!

(Pictured she is holding the ongoing attendance register, highlighted in pink, the colour of love! To love our environment clean!) Litter perpetrators are getting identified and taken to task! Change, my river friends, is truly underway. We were joined by Dow representative from Switzerland Daniel Fancourt and his passionate environmentalist daughter Lucy. She has one firm handshake! Daniel reiterated the importance of this planet being a gift for our children that has to be preserved. We were also joined by enthusiastic volunteers Paul Chinn and Babette Gallard and their dogs. They even hired a car to join us and said they will be back with friends! Thank you! A hugely fabulous aspect of AREHLWEKISENG today was that it has now expanded to two areas, so once we set up in Freedom Street Lynn and I drove to Sethokga Park to meet the new team. Wow! What love and hugs and group photos come our way! A huge team working together under the guidance of Ward Committee for Environment Sarah Mashigo.

Thank you to OUTsurance who provided food, water and fruit to both areas. The people delighted in this treat! Amazing relationships and partnerships are being forged to keep the wave of cleaning our environment rising up and up and out! Thank you to Environmental Affairs for also being there today and to Plastics SA for sponsoring the rubbish collection bags. All we have to do is show up and the rest will flow! At the end of the clean a lady came up to me and said ‘now we are all family’. What more could I ask for? A rainbow family in majestic South Africa! 


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