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The power of social media

by Katherine Fillmore

Hennops Blue salutes all involved in making this happen! A miracle! 

The Heal the Hennops River Facebook Page is proving to be a powerful platform to bring about change in healing the river. On Jan 7th Francois van Vuuren posted a picture of the shocking pollution and waste accumulation at Riverview Bridge near Supersport Park in Centurion. This resulted in a social media outcry with his post being shared 1500 times. This image was then sent to the Fresh and Hennops Blue Whatsapp groups and immediate action was taken by Willem Snyman from to arrange a clean up date. Heal the Hennops River FB page created an event to reach more people. With the help of concerned citizens and Tshwane the river was miraculously clean by January 19. All I can say is WOW! If you follow the FB page you will see amazing comments and uplifting images of how people climbed in with their hands and hearts to make this happen! This is true inspiration and shedding great light on the power of people uniting in Ubuntu to bring about positive change! 

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