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There are still otters in the Hennops

Feedback from Karla Jooste

Bronberrik Spruit tunnel - there is still otters in the Hennops River

‘On October 3 Willem and I walked up the Bronberrik Spruit tunnel to see where a terrible smelling white spill is coming from. We walked for probably a km or more and got to a small tunnel where it was seeping from. This white liquid has been a constant problem for years and now again for the last 3 days pushing out into the Bronberrik Spruit. We have collected samples and want to have it tested.

Pollution coming from Bronberrik Spruit tunnel - there are still otters in the Hennops

On a better note and sooooo amazing we found otter trails in the tunnel. This is so hopeful and shows that the life of our waterways are still there surviving through all our neglect. We need to take responsibility, it is not to late!!!!’

The rare spotted neck otter is still somehow surviving in the middle of Centurion, South Africa.

‘Looking closely at the otter footprints it seems to be the rare spotted neck otter still somehow surviving here in the middle of Centurion. There appears to be nail markings whereas the Cape clawless one is without. What the Otter is living on is a mystery but there must be a few crabs still around. We’d like to find the polluters today, already checked dozens of factories and getting an idea of direction. We’ll introduce some indigenous fish for the Otters to live on. With the river so toxic there are very few places where they can still survive.

The River pollution must be stopped, criminals are stealing our natural heritage and making millions by not treating their waste - people must be taught that these aren’t dumping areas, but last bastions of bio-diversity.’

Willem Snyman

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