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There is always an old shoe in the river.

There is always an old shoe in the river

Saturday 15 September saw us bright eyed and bushy tailed, up at sparrows to go and clean a section of the Hennops River at Zwartkop Country Club. Thank you to club owners Dale and Adam Hayes for organizing this uplifting event. Tractors and saws were on hand to remove a giant branch that was blocking the flow of the river and catching an extensive amount of plastic waste. An enthusiastic team of volunteers worked hard to remove the waste and you could hear Mother Nature sigh with relief. Imagine the positive effect it would have on our river if each community along its banks took responsibility to clean up their section of the river?!

Nappies and beer bottles are a big problem and we need to make a big move towards making products biodegradable. There is always an old shoe in a dirty river, a symbol of a consumer society driven by wants more than needs. Time to make wise consumer decisions. Say no to single use plastic! It is also fundamental that municipalities prioritise waste management structures and systems! Hennops Blue is looking forward to partnering with Zwartkop Country Club and working on effective solutions to help heal the Hennops River. 

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