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Trees, big hearts, seagulls and another AREHLWEKISENG clean

by Katherine Fillmore 

Trees, big hearts, seagulls and another AREHLWEKISENG clean

As Hennops Blue Director Dave Cochrane says ‘you never know what is going to happen when you go to a clean up, who will arrive, what work will be done, but always when we depart we are overwhelmed and know why we came !’ Today was no exception.

We arrived at Mashemong Primary School to conduct an educational talk to a sea of eager and bright faces. Helen Erasmus, Southdowns College Pre-Primary’s former headmistress, joined us to assist. The school embraced us with open arms and invited all AREHLWEKISENG volunteers for a heartwarming cup of tea in their staff boardroom after we had planted trees kindly organised by Helen Duigan donated by Hibron Nursery and transported by Hennops Blue Director Amanda Jacobs. As fortune would have it the Deputy Principal Lucas Madiba organised a digger, so the job was done super fast with backs saved. Mandla from Environmental Affairs had learners’  undivided attention explaining the importance of trees and how to look after them. Seagulls flew overhead, a reminding call from the ocean that all rivers lead into the sea. Hotdogs and bananas were also enjoyed in the staff room thanks to Outsurance! 

Trees, big hearts, seagulls and another AREHLWEKISENG clean

We then visited the other  AREHLWEKISENG team in Tembisa who had been hard at work cleaning Freedom Square. They too are conducting weekly cleans like the team in Freedom Street to keep the environment clean. Incredible and such valuable work for our environment! Worth more than gold! 

The area we are focusing on in Tembisa is looking phenomenally clean. It was incredible to see how Mashemong Primary is also embracing the culture of a clean environment with recycling dustbins donated by Destination Green Recycling. Well done to Principal Nkosinathi Dlamini, Deputy Principals Renny Selolo and Lucas Madiba. 

What is so cool is that while we were hard at work on one side Willem Snyman, Gareth Bryce Hansen, Karla Jooste, Tarryn Johnston and team worked hard at Kaalfontein! 

Divine Synchronicity! 

Let the photos tell the rest of the story - once again a magical and beautiful experience...

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