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Ubuntu Flow

Ubuntu Flow Yoga

Monday 29 October was a magical day for Hennops Blue Horizon as we partnered with Life 4 U Foundation in Tembisa in a social upliftment campaign called Ubuntu Flow. 

On a dust clad floor a hundred beautiful and expectant faces absorbed and engaged in the healing practice of yoga

Life 4 U Foundation works on number of water and sanitation drives which we will support. The next one will take place on 19 November called Wash 4 Life Campaign. 

‘The primary objective is to reduce the incidence of water and sanitation-related diseases and sicknesses, and protect children and youth rights by ensuring that they use clean non-dysfunctional toilets and that they learn about WASH. This will be achieved by promoting good toilet and personal hygiene, water conservation, clean environment and protection of public facilities against vandalism; with the primary target being township and rural schools. Focus will be on early childhood development centres and community centres. The core mandate is to teach about Wash and also to support the South African educational system and protection of children’s health and rights by providing free toilet maintenance and refurbishment services to rural and disadvantaged schools; also encouraging community and youth volunteering to assist schools with toilets cleaning.’ Life 4 U Foundation

Any donations towards toilet cleaning products and hand wash soaps will be welcome. Visit the donations page.

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