Centurion organisation heals Hennops through yoga

Rekord Centurion - 3 November 2018

Yoga teacher Lynn Hinde visited the Life 4 U Foundation together with Hennops Blue Horizon. Photo: Supplied

The organisation will also be working with the foundation on a number of water and sanitation drives including Wash 4 Life, a campaign aimed at reducing water and sanitation-related diseases and illnesses.

A Centurion organisation hopes the healing practice of yoga will help raise awareness around restoring the Hennops river.

Hennops Blue Horizon has partnered with the Life 4 U Foundation to offer a social upliftment campaign called Ubuntu Flow.

The Life 4 U Foundation is based in Tembisa and the Hennops Blue Horizonteam will visit the foundation once a week to teach children in the area and volunteers yoga to raise awareness on healing the river.

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Katherine Fillmore, one of the Hennops Blue Horizon directors, said the children and volunteers were delighted to engage in the yoga sessions during their recent visit.

For the full article in Rekord Centurion visit: https://rekordcenturion.co.za/158480/centurion-organisation-heals-hennops-through-yoga/

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