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I dream my painting and I paint my dream - Vincent Van Gogh

September 28 saw the colorful opening of Healing the Hennops ‘Light on Water’ Art Exhibition at the beautiful newly revamped Irene Dairy Farm. A string quartet performance of Handel’s The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba by young and super talented musicians Dawid, Nico and Gerhard added a sparkling welcome. The exhibit opened with beautiful vocalist Catherine Michaladies singing Christina Perri’s Human. The lyrics contain the words ‘I can do it but I am only human’. Together as a team we came together in the light of healing the Hennops. We can do it.

The array of artwork is phenomenal with works by Julia Davies, Maggie Goetsch and Ciska van Huyssteen attracting wonderful attention.

Thank you to all the incredible artists for their creativity and to the pubic and close friends and family for supporting this amazing cause. Thank you to Irene Dairy Farm for this exceptional location.

Proceeds from the sales of the artwork is going to Hennops Blue Horizon to fund various clean up and awareness initiatives. An exciting two days lies ahead with the exhibit. Bring your family and friends for an amazing day out in nature on an over 100 year old dairy farm in the heart of Irene with a touch of artistic magic.

For more information about the talented artist and their work please view the "Art Exhibit" page or click here.

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