UPDATE: Residents to clean tons of garbage from Hennops River

Rekord Centurion - Bennitt Bartl

Rekord visited the Riverview Park site on Thursday morning where workers were pulling out branches which had become stuck underneath the bridge.

Efforts are underway to clean up an estimated four tons of garbage floating in a section of the Hennops River in Centurion.

Residents were this week preparing to clean up the section which has become covered with various types of litter.

The clean-up under the low water bridge located in Riverview Park behind the Supersport Park stadium will take place on Friday morning from 08:30.

On Thursday morning contractors for the metro had already started removing some of the garbage.

The same contractor also started working on clearing the garbage that has accumulated under the Lyttelton Road bridge in Clubview.

When Rekord visited the Riverview Park site on Thursday morning workers were pulling out branches which had become stuck under the bridge, including plastics, branches and paper.

The Friday clean-up campaign will be led by non-profit organisation FRESH.

FRESH director Willem Snyman this week stressed the need to take care of the source of the problem which was further up-stream.

“It appears the rubbish comes from areas like Tembisa where there are no proper waste disposal facilities,” said Snyman.

Organisations like his, and the Hennops Blue Horizon have continued to try to fight the pollution of the river by educating those who live nearby.

Earlier this week, Snyman and his team mobilised a group of Centurion residents to try to clean up the Riverview Park area.

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SOURCE: https://rekordcenturion.co.za/160281/residents-clean-tons-garbage-hennops-river/

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